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About Private Investigator Los Angeles
Los Angeles Private Investigations

Our investigators are surveillance experts! Most of our investigators have obtained their experience through field work with insurance firms, other investigative firms, and law enforcement agencies. With that said, we don't limit our expertise to surveillance. Over the years we have developed a knack for Social Media investigations and fetching court documents. Sadly, prices and laws vary county to county, and state to state. We also offer GPS Tracker to buy or rent. Either way, we have what you need.

Workers comp investigator for Los Angeles
Workers Compensation Claims:

In this realm of insurance fraud we are hired by employers, insurance adjusters, self-insured corporations and attorneys because the “claimant” is savvy to the system and everything is stacked against the employer and insurance company.READ MORE

Child custody investigator for Los Angeles
Child Custody investigations:

Probably the most emotional of all cases.  We suggest discussing the case in great length to determine what your exact needs are.  Sadly, all of these Child Custody cases vary, some being more complex than others.  Most of... READ MORE

Cheating Spouse investigator for Los Angeles
Cheating Spouses or Partners Investigations:

These cases nearly always boil down to surveillance.  Often times (legally) we can place GPS trackers on their vehicles to better assist us in following them or simply keeping track of their activities.  If there is a person or phone number you suspect your part... READ MORE

Background checks in Los Angeles
Background checks:

“Level One” Background checks are done in two ways and cost vary significantly.  The first option is to track things down online.  Utilizing special database services that law enforcement uses plus digging up social media accounts, and other online services.  This is your typical background… READ MORE

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